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Do not need to linger to explain this one tool, if you are an Instagram player and have or are still using tools called VIROL, then Admin can say that it is a tool that functions the same but has more advantages. What are the features of Instagenic? The following are the advantages of the features that make it fast:

1. Post from Laptop

- Upload pictures and videos

 - Upload albums in the form of images and videos

- Schedule post (laptop must be on)

- Upload photos to the story directly from the laptop

- Schedule photos to the story directly from the laptop

- Repost and repost schedule

2. Viral content

- Viral content research: username, hashtag, location

- Filter viral content: engagement, comments, likes

- Sorting viral content: images, videos, albums

- Repost viral content, just 2 clicks

3. Automation

- Auto follow and unfollow

- Auto welcome message

 - Auto likes

- Set the period limitation to be safe (natural)

4. Others

- Unlimited laptops

- Unlimited accounts

- Switch account

- Magic hashtag (related hashtag)

- Insert emoticons - Spin text in the welcome message

- Desktop & mobile browser

- Zoom in & zoom out when uploading images